Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Reuse at home & away

I have been trying to think of all of the ways I need to start preparing for waste free week now that I have my pack. We have been sending lots out this week, so yours will hopefully be with you soon. I have lots of ways to reuse items that would normally be thrown out, so I'll start taking some inspirational photos to show you.

I managed to remember my umbrella as I left the house today, then remembered where I "sourced" it from. It's from a litter bin. I found it one night when my family had gone out to celebrate my father- in- law's 60th birthday. Why would you throw an umbrella away? Probably more questionable why would I be looking in a street litter bin when I was out for a family meal?!

Well I can't help myself, that's why! I was working for a district council at the time and I was "researching" the idea of on street recycling, instead I managed to embark on on street reuse!



LOL Kate - looks like I've got even more to learn from you :-D

just Gai said...

Have fun with it!