Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Waste Free Week, Day 1, Part 2

Well I'm obviuosly running a little behind in my diary of events, but I'm making sure I record everything on my feedback sheet to hand back at the end of week! So now it's time for my blog to catch up!

Monday was a very exciting day and the beginning of the challenge, unfortunately I had a fairly busy weekend and had no time to prepare for the week.. uh oh! I was worried about having to buy sandwiches for lunch, and where I was going to buy dinner from, so I had to form a plan of action! I knew I would have to stop at a shop, so before I left home I made sure I had my reusable bags and some tuppaware boxes with me, you'll find out more about them later!

At work instead of scoffing a sandwich down at my desk I went out to a cafe for lunch and sat outside in the sunshine eating a nice warm pasty. It gave me a break from the computer screen and left me feeling refreshed and ready to face the afternoon back in the office. Most importantly the pasty was freshly made and had no packaging. There weren't any left overs either! The only waste created were a few serviettes which I took home to compost.

On my way home I stopped at a local farm shop and butchers. I went in and explained about the Waste Free Week challenge and asked if it was ok to use my own containers. I was expecting a funny look, laugh or raised eyebrow at the least, but there was none of that. Infact my butcher was used to these types of requests! Amazing! So I bought 6 chicken drumsticks, 400g of braising steak and six fat pork and caramelised onion sausages -yum! All together it cost around £7 and it's all locally produced food which I would normally pay a premium for in the supermarket. In the farm shop I bought some strong flour (again from a local mill) and some sweet potatoes.

At home I cracked open the flour and baked some bread woo! We had chicken drumsticks and red chard for dinner. I used the bones and some tired veggies from the back of the fridge to make stock when we finished. And that was the end of day one - Completely waste free!!

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Rachelle said...

Wahee - a waste free day and what a bargain with all the meat you bought in your own container.
What a fabby day - well done!

Mrs g