Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Final Weigh in...

Sorry for keeping you all in suspense, it's been a crazy week! So here are my final results... I was a little bit naughty and didn't weigh my rubbish from the week before, but there were three weeks worth in one bag so I reckon my average was about 900g per week. Not a bad place to start from!

So a drum roll please.....

My final week weigh in was 200g! This waste included: One milk bottle top, one broken container (grrr...couldn't it have waited for the next week?!), "wadding" from a meat container and various bits of unrecyclable plastic film.

It's not as good as a plaster, but I'm still very pleased with myself. I am considering taking the challenge further and doing a waste free month as the changes I have made to get my waste down have been really easy to implement and I'm sure I've saved money! I'll keep you updated!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog and making comments - they have all been very gratefully received!

Lastly for today please head over to Tracey Smith's blog on Monday for a live chat all about rubbish! Tracey has written a fabulous book all about how to reduce waste around the home, so she is an absolute guru! If you get the book (which I thoroughly recommend) you may also notice a few familiar names...!

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LOL Kate, I'm glad that it wasn't a plaster. That would mean a cut and that's not good :-D

Well done on the weightloss though and I can certainly recommend going for a month :-D x