Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Finishing off the week...

Now the dust feels as though it has settled after Waste Free Week I realise that a waste free month is going to take a lot of effort... Already it seems as though I have slipped into my wasteful supermarket shopping ways so I'm going to have to get strict with myself and my husband! He recently admitted to hiding things in his pockets during waste free week, which I found pretty hilarious, but do feel asthough I need to admit to!

So as punishment last night I made him eat cabbage. We bought it so we have to eat it! He doesn't like cabbage, but I managed to disguise it bubble and squeak made with sweet potatoes. I never had bubble and squeak as a child so I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, but I used my advance copy of "Eat Well, Waste Less" to give me some direction. I would definately recommend sending back your feedback form so you receive your free copy, you also get the chance to win £100 of M&S vouchers, tickets to Pensthorpe country park and a WILD WILD WILD card for Bewilderwood.

So back to the book, I have to say I think it's incredibly well set out and very easy to use, there is a handy A-Z of leftovers with tips for storage and "Quick and Easy" methods of using things up. The next section is basic recipes for making things like chicken pie, curries and sauces but this section is all about flexibility, it tells you what ingredients you can substitute and will hopefully give you the confidence to try some new ideas. The last section is called individual recipes and is full of ideas for the most common types of left overs such as vegetables and cold meats. I think I'm going to find this a great source of information, so fill in your feedback forms and get them sent in!

The comments you make on your forms will be invaluable to us, we will find out how people have done and what if anything has stood in the way of a completely waste free week! We will be able to use this information to help us make next year's campaign even more successful!

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